Painting Shutters: Let The Professionals Do The Work!

If the paint on the shutters is peeling or fading, it is high time for a renovation. Here you can find the right specialist for painting your shutters and learn more about the renovation process.

Shutters are constantly exposed to the weather and therefore quickly look old, which in turn affects the overall appearance of your house. Fortunately, the shops can easily be renovated by a remodeling professional.

Learn how shutters are painted from different materials and find the right professional for this type of painting.

Or do you already know what to do? Then you can now advertise your project without obligation and compare offers from rated craftsmen as quickly as possible.

Procedure For Wooden Shutters

Wooden shutters are less resistant to the weather effects and therefore have to be renovated at shorter intervals. In most cases, peeling the paint is a sign that a new coat of paint is needed.

The wooden shutters must be vacuum cleaned to remove the old paint. A professional painter should only renovate these windows. After the shutters have been leached and dried, the surface must be sanded and impregnated. The impregnation protects against rot and fungal attack. This is followed by the normal painting work consisting of a primer and a varnish.

There are various options available for the paint. It’s best to seek advice from a professional to find the ideal solution for your shutters.

Procedure For Aluminum Shutters

The renovation of aluminum shutters is less complex. Aluminum is more resistant to weathering, and normally the paint remains intact but fades over time. It is, therefore, possible to dispense with leaching.

Aluminum shutters need to be cleaned and hand-sanded before being degreased and repainted. The new paint is usually applied using the powder coating process. A specialist should also carry this out in order to guarantee an even layer of paint and thus a perfect end result.

Important: The Care

Regular maintenance is essential so that your shutters look fresh longer, and the overhaul can be delayed by a few years. To do this, it is best to unhook the shutters if it is safe to do so. In any case, aggressive cleaning agents should not be used for cleaning.

It is best to use warm water and washing-up liquid for this. Wooden shutters should then be treated with shutter oil. On aluminum shutters, a little car polish can freshen up the color. Also, make sure that the hinges are greased.

Ask the painter for care tips because depending on the type of coating, further care steps may be necessary. If you wish, you can leave this cleaning work to professional cleaners.

These Are The Cost Drivers.

Several factors influence the cost of painting the shutters. On the one hand, they depend on the transport routes that the painter has to cover with the shutters. This is followed by the costs for the treatments in the shops and for the painting work. These can last anywhere from one to several days, which has an impact on costs.

Usually, painters calculate based on the area. You have to reckon with a price of 20 to 50 per square meter. Then there is also color and other material. As a rule, the cost of renovating aluminum shutters is lower than that of wooden shutters.

The Painter Has To Know That For His Offer.

For the painter to estimate the cost of renovating your shutters as precisely as possible, he depends on a detailed request for a quote. For this reason, your order description on must contain the following information:

  • The material of the shutters
  • The number of shutters
  • Possible damage to the shutters
  • Requests regarding the paint or the color